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Off the Wheel Photography book

An early image-oriented project that was very important to my development is this art photography book, based on photographs I took while spending a couple of days visiting with a potter in Wisconsin’s Door County. I wanted to create a keepsake to share not just what I saw, but what I felt during that time. I sent a copy to Renee Schwaller who was just beside herself, loved seeing how I represented her, and shares it with all her customers who come into the studio to see her work.

Beyond the nice gesture, this book is a great example of why I decided to change my personal focus into graphic design. Creating the book, although certainly not expected or required, was to me a natural conclusion to the short time we spent together.

Off the Wheel Photography book Off the Wheel Photography book

Encapsulating that experience, and sharing it, was a logical next step for me, even acting as a photographer. You could say that the experience wasn’t “real” for me until I created a book to document it.

And its creation helped me to understand how I best relate to the world—through the creation of publications or other documentation to communicate ideas and feelings. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this personal project was the beginning of a whole new direction for me.

Off the Wheel Photography book Off the Wheel Photography book

Of course, looking back, there are details that I now would change on the creation of this book. That is natural with the wisdom of experience, and will be true of all my projects. But my time visiting with an artist, understanding how she worked both the creative and business side of “art,” and the sheer joy we both felt in being where we were at that moment… I knew this is where I wanted to go.

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Design is process of creative problem solving as applied to challenge of controlling how a user (i.e. a reader) interacts with their environment (i.e. the book). While Book Design isn’t writing, editing, or illustration, it affects the success of all three. It is part production minded, and part visual story-telling.

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