Design: the body language of writing.

A book is an island of calm, where nuance and explanation are still possible.

In an increasingly fractured and frazzled world of headlines and 140 character comments, a book represents an oasis, an island of calm where nuance and explanation are still possible. And visual design is the body language of written communication.

It is through design that your words make their first impact on the reader; a good design draws the reader in and guides them through your work, without getting in their way. As an independent graphic designer, I pride myself on creating clean, consistent designs which draw the reader in, then get out of the way to let the content shine.

About Paul Nylander and illustrada

My passion is book design: long-form content, including handbooks, guide books, and other conveyors of information. As a lover of books and other information systems, I focus my work on information design, publication & editorial design, and data visualization, while leveraging my love of writing, photography, and illustration. Taking the time to learn, then using that understanding to explain—in words and images—is what I do best. Contact me at

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