Every book deserves to be well designed.

My Projects

Illustrada Design creates book covers and interiors for authors and publishers through a collaborative and intentional design process, resulting in a well designed book that we can all be proud of.

A story goes beyond the words

Through design, words make their first impact on a reader. A good design reflects the content of the book / report / document, but also the spirit and intent of the author, drawing the reader in and guiding them through the work . . . without getting in their way.

As an independent graphic designer, I pride myself on my curiosity, consideration and commitment. My goal is creating clean, coherent designs for my clients, where attention to detail enhances everyone's experience.

On Visual Design

To me, design is enhancing functionality and impact by honoring aesthetics. It is part art, and part engineering.

Visual design is far more than logos and icons: it is a systematic way of reinforcing the writer’s message through the purposeful organization of the content to enhance communications.

I am passionate about the design of all sorts of “long-form” content, especially books and other information-rich systems. I believe complex ideas are carried by clear design.

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Behind illustrada design: Paul Nylander

My passion is book design: long-form content, including handbooks, guide books, business reports, and other conveyors of information. As a lover of books and other tactile information systems, I focus my work on information design, publication & editorial design, and data visualization, while leveraging my love of writing, photography, print making, and illustration. Taking the time to learn, then using that understanding to explain—in words and images—is what I do best. Contact me at paul@illustrada.com.

learn more about paul nylander and illustrada design